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 “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

King David used to shepherd his father’s sheep when he was a child. He used to play flute and harp for them, but always paid attention to protect them from lions and bear. He was never afraid because he always trusted that God would protect him.

King David was very obedient to his father, and took care of his father’s sheep without complaining. Are you obedient to your parents’ like young David? What do you do in your house to help your Mom or your Dad?

Above all, young David loved going to the house. He said, “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” Do you feel the same way, when your parents tell you to go to the house of the Lord, which is the church? There are many blessing you get in the house of the church. That is why Kind David said he was gland when they said unto him to go to the house of the Lord:

1.       God is everywhere, but the church is a place designated for prayer. After King Solomon, king David’s son, built the house of the Lord, God said to him that He would listen to the prayers in His house. Even though we can pray anywhere else, a prayer in the house of the Lord is special, because He said, “My eyes and my heart are always there.” /1 King 9:3/. What could be a better place that where God’s heart and eyes are always set?

2.       In the church, we receive many spiritual gifts:

a.       We receive the gift of childhood from the Holy Spirit through baptism. As we are given a name when we are born of our parents, we also receive a new name when we are born of the Holy Spirit through Baptism. Do you all know your baptismal names?

b.      We receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ, so that we can be alive in Him. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said that we have no life in ourselves unless we eat of His body and drink of His blood.

c.       The Holy angels stand in the presence of God to praise Him. Coming to church, we also get the chance to stand in the presence of our magnificent God during the Divine Liturgy (Kidassie). Do you attend Kidassie with your parents inside the church? If you do, and if you paid attention, you would see priests and deacons praying in the inner part of the church which is called the Holy of Holies. The priests also burn incense on a censer. Angels worship the Lord God in heaven in the same manner. What else do you remember in the Kidassie? To better understand the Kidassie, ask your Sunday School teacher of any questions you have.

3.       The church is a unique place, different from any other place. We come to the church seeking peace, and the Lord God gives us peace. We come to the church seeking love, and we receive the love of God and of our fellow brothers and sisters.

4.       In the church, we learn about the Virgin Mary, the mother of God, and about the angels and saints. We also see and adore their icons. Do you remember the icons of the Virgin Mary carrying the Lord Jesus, St. George on a horse, St Teklehaimanot with wings… What other icons do you remember inside the church?

5.       Coming to church, we hear the word of God and learn how to live a holy life. We learn the commandments of God, so that we can live according to how he wants us to live. The word of God gives us answers to any questions or problems we may have. That is why Kind David said, “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.”

6.       Boys and girls, you should be happy like King David when your parents tell you ready to go to the church, for we receive many gifts from the Lord God – standing in his presence with the angels and saints.

By Alemayehu Desta (Dn.)
August 6, 2013

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Date Posted: 10/17/2013
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